FC Barcelona’s $1.3 million token sale sold out in just 2 hours

Spanish football giant FC Barcelona has sold its first tokens to FC Barcelona fans (BAR), sold through the sports token-focused platforms Chiliz.net and Socios.com.

The $1.3 million sale took place in less than two hours, at the height of demand, and sold $777,000 worth of tokens in just two minutes. Chiliz and Partners‘ CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, released the news in a tweet on June 22.

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Chiliz and Partners saw an increase in demand of up to five times during the sale
Dreyfus noted that the token sale was attended by more than 4,000 fans from 106 countries, and told us that the main buyers were from Turkey, Poland, Japan, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy. He added that Chiliz and Partners experienced up to five times the demand during the sale.

Dreyfus said the companies originally planned that the flash sale would last 48 hours. Although there were some delays at Socios.com during the sale, it proceeded much faster than that. „I think that’s why Barça is great and also why we are pushing so hard on the crypto sphere,“ Dreyfus suggested.

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FC Barcelona’s BAR tokens are designed to provide more interaction with Barça fans, FC Barcelona said in a statement. Holders of the BAR tokens can participate in community surveys and polls, as well as win unique prizes such as the chance to meet players before a game.

The BAR token trade is scheduled for Wednesday
The recent token sale comes to celebrate the official launch of the Bitcoin Profit token. According to FC Barcelona, the flash sale involved 600,000 tokens at a fixed price of 2 euros each.

Following this flash sale, the BAR token is scheduled for commercial launch at Chiliz and Partners on Wednesday, June 24. The tokens will be available for purchase only and for trading with the native Chiliz (CHZ) token at a market price depending on demand and supply. At the time of this publication, the FC Barcelona fan token is presented in an „untracked list“ on the main website for the price of crypto currencies, CoinMarketCap.

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The FC Barcelona BAR token is just one of many sports tokens handled by Chiliz and Partners platforms. The Italian professional football club, Juventus, launched its own fan token at the end of 2019. Previously, French football club Paris Saint-Germain also partnered with Socios.com to launch a token ecosystem in 2018.