Bitcoin Wealth Explosion of 2023: 50,000 New Millionaires So Far!

• The popular crypto influencer Bitboy Crypto recently discussed Bitcoin’s remarkable growth in 2023, with over 50,000 new Bitcoin millionaires added since the start of the year.
• In his video analysis, Bitboy Crypto suggested that the real intrinsic value of Bitcoin peaked on April 13th at $63,000 rather than November 9th at $69,000 due to inflation.
• He also predicted Cardano (ADA) to surpass its current price prediction estimates of between $1.54 and $1.95 by 2025 due to its low inflation rate of 3.6%.

Bitboy Crypto Breaks Down the Great Bitcoin Wealth Explosion of 2023

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Popular crypto influencer Bitboy Crypto recently discussed the remarkable growth of Bitcoin in 2023 which has seen a doubling in number of millionaires and added over 50,000 new Bitcoin millionaires since the start of the year. Just halfway through April this year, we have already seen an impressive 80% increase in price as compared to last year which has sparked renewed optimism around cryptocurrency investments.

Real Intrinsic Value Of Bitcoin

In his video analysis, Bitboy Crypto suggests that instead of reaching its all-time high at $69,000 in November 2020, it would have been more valuable when it hit its peak on April 13th at $63,000 instead due to inflation. This means that although it was trading for a lower price back then; it had greater purchasing power for goods and services such as eggs lumber used vehicles and even larger houses than what is available today for a higher price tag.

Price Prediction For Cardano (ADA)

Bitboy Crypto shared his thoughts on Cardano (ADA), a popular cryptocurrency with market cap reaching up to 95 billion USD at its all-time high. He argued that most online price predictions ranging from 1.54 USD to 1.95 USD by 2025 were too conservative given how low their inflation rate was at 3.6%. At the time of writing both these cryptocurrencies were trading for 0.44 USD for ADA and 30461 USD for BTC respectively.


The great bitcoin wealth explosion happening this year has been nothing short of spectacular with over 50 000 new bitcoin millionaires created since January 2021 alone! With predictions from experts like Bitboy Crypto suggesting increasing value from both bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as cardano making them increasingly attractive investments; now may be a good time to invest if you’re looking into cryptocurrency markets!